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Science meets crafstmanship  

New era of frame building is here - introducing 10years evolution of EQUILIBRIUM !!!

New E1 is a mixture of handmade craftsmanship, latest innovation in 3D printing technologies and modern cycling demands. 

expo edit_-63 2_edited.jpg
expo edit_-57-15.jpg

Following the latest trend of fully integrated wiring systems we couldn't stay aside and took a stab in it designing original spec head tube to accept Deda integrated heads set and Super box Deda stem in a tandem, original titanium stem plate is just an icyng on the cake . 

​The result is truly astonishing not only  in a looks department but steering got lighter and it clears the space for handle bar bag if you going to use one as well. 

After building all round bikes for couple  years we felt an urge to re create a proper Super bike once again similar to original E1 model that was introduces 6 years ago and got very popular amongst our customers. 

Lucky enough we got a new member in our team who could visualize the concepts into reality by modeling 3D parts and the whole frame's 1 x 1 ratio prototype in plastic to make sure the total balance of the frame and wire routing is spot on. 

To achieve desired riding characteristics  we decided to go for stiffer down portion of the frame and top part we made oval top tube and thin seat stays to absorb the road buzz and make the bike compliant vertically. 

expo edit_-37-4.jpg

To extend the overall look of the square shape - the custom seat stay bridge and saeat post toper was created in 3D then printed out and welded. 

expo edit_-46-7.jpg