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Our Philosophy
The main concept of EQ handcrafted frames is simplicity and function with best possible
level of craftsmanship .
To serve my vision of perfect bike I choose the steel as a building material .
If you look at all possible materials options the bicycles are made of , nothing will
compare to steel by its riding and aesthetics characteristics and durability .
New generation of steel offers a possibility to make truly lightweight frame with lively
and responsive ride without sacrificing comfort and strength of construction .
At EQ I exclusively use high end Italian and american made steels from Columbus , True Temper , KVA stainless for their innovative design, uncompromising quality and constant
pushing the limits .
Working with steel allows to personalise frame material and shape/size , butt profiles
to customer’s desired ride feel and intended use .
Steel is good for almost any imaginable application from road racing , long touring to
tail riding , commuting etc. for its multipurpose ability and strength it won’t let you down in any road condition and unexpected situations .
If properly looked after there is no reason why it can’t serve a lifetime to its owner .
Personalised design .
Truly there is no limits to one’s imagination , from graceful slim classic shapes to oversized aero tubes I can make it one – off and perfectly functional that serves a decade or so .
there is a chance to choose a perfect design and material that will suit exactly particular customer and his needs , to maximise performance and feeling of the ride .
By choosing the right tube set I can precisely match the stiffness of the frame
to the rider’s body dimensions , experience and riding style and fitness level .
Result could be the frame that will work and handle well as one whole with a rider .
Production methods
I build all frames one by one from the scratch only by myself , I take care of every
single step in process and make sure it is as perfect as possible .
I use the best frame building and brazing materials on the market , outsourced
from all over the World it enables me to broaden my design options , to mix classic
forms with cutting edge technologies .
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